Wellness Wednesday

At the end of this past February, my beloved amazing uncle passed away. It is still a very delicate subject for me as I was very close to him. Without going into further detail, this event caused me to start to try and radically change the products I use daily. My friend Zoe actually pointed it out to me, I hadn't really put two and two together. As you've read, I started recently swapping out most of my beauty products, and now home products as well. I have started to try and change my diet into eating more local foods, less meat, less dairy, and less processed (to which I mean not zapping so much in the microwave or ordering take-out as often). I am trying to protect myself now from all of the toxicity and carcinogens that are in our every day products, and yes, it certainly stems from fear, but also I want to promote my own health and wellness. (If you'd like more information on educating yourself about this stuff, look here and here)

I've also, slowly but surely, started paring down my wardrobe. I want quality versus quantity; I don't want to have my drawers overflowing with things that fit "OK" or will fit if I lose three more pounds. It's silly! I admittedly have this slight quirk (for lack of a better word) that if I donate something - even if I haven't worn it in over a year - I'll have that day come where I'm like, "where's that shirt I love...OMG why did I donate it?!" It has happened to me before, and it’s frustrating. Realistically, I'm happiest with quality pieces that lasts for years, so why do I keep spending tons and tons at H&M and even Gap/Old Navy?!

Yesterday I finally watched the documentary "The True Cost" on Netflix, and I hate to sound naive but I had no idea the damage I have been doing to the environment and to human lives. I cried several times while watching, it hurts my heart and my soul how much these poor people are just trying to survive and yet they are so mistreated. We in America live in this sheltered little world where we sometimes turn a cheek to what happens in other countries. It makes me feel sick to type this, but it's almost like thinking I love this mass-produced dress, I'm not going to think about the tired hands and sore lungs that went into making it. Ugh, how sick! I strongly believe we have a responsibility to take care of one another - we are all human beings. We also have a responsibility to care for our beautiful earth. Educating ourselves on where things come from is the first step.

So I realize this is a bit different than my typical Wellness Wednesday posts, but I hope it sparks some thought and action. I also hope it is a good reminder for me to go further with this idea of living consciously fully - not just half-assed with diet and products, but truly fully. I do not receive a feeling of fulfillment from anything other than what is within, and therefore I will survive without the latest outfit from a major chain!

- S