Wellness Wednesday

Lately I've been trying to recall this idea of focusing on what my body can do versus what it cannot. Sometimes - this actually happened this morning - I catch myself paying too much attention to those around me in my gym classes. As you may recall, I struggle with arthritis but have a decent idea of what exercises I can and cannot do. Sometimes, though, little Miss Ego shimmies her way into the room and I start to feel myself lose my focus on myself. I start to think, "Ok, I'll just try this next's killing my knee but I should be able to do this, ughhh!" or I push myself too far and too hard... Then afterwards, while I'm struggling with the soreness and throbbing pain, I realize that it was indeed Miss Ego and not me that took over in that moment. I lost site of my body's limits, trying to force a square peg into a round hole. It just doesn't fit!

Every body is different. Every human is different. Just because something is offered to you it doesn't mean you have to take it. Modify! There is NO shame in modifying anything in exercise. If anything, I think it shows respect for your body, and how present you are in that moment; how lovely it is to take the time to listen and care for our bodies.

Respect your body, it's the only vessel you'll get in this life to transport your soul.

Remember the value and support you gain from focusing on what you CAN do, versus focusing on what you cannot do. How amazing that our bodies can do so much for so many years! Be grateful for what you have today, avoid lusting over things that may not be possible to achieve. It's all ok. 

Take care, be grateful, and practice patience.

- S