Wellness Wednesday

Some conversations are just not worth having. Ever have that thought? That little voice inside that says, "if I were to even begin talking about this with [so-and-so] we will just butt heads and be pissed at each's not even worth it." There's that part of you that knows it would be potentially pointless to try and convey your points or feelings. Sure, sometimes it's best to keep our mouths shut - in cases where know talking with exacerbate issues or cause harm to others. However, maybe sometimes you don't trust your gut and listen to that inner voice, the one that says "this needs to be said."

Communication is vital. I won't go getting all political on you or go into super-lecture mode, but as humans we must communicate with each other effectively to survive. When we are confronted with a matter that makes us feel uncomfortable, we often create worst-case scenarios in our head and then go into that 'predict-the-future mode' and presume that that worst-case scenario will actually happen!

But here's the reality check: we cannot predict how someone else will react.

Think about it. So much can impact a person's mood: the weather, how they slept, if they've eaten, how they feel about their appearance that day...Maybe the person practiced yoga that day and is feeling positive and sending out all those good vibes, therefore able to mindfully think through what they want to say before saying it. 

Next time you start to jump to worst-case scenarios or predicting how another person will respond to whatever it is you need to say, pause.
Remind yourself you cannot predict how someone else will react.
Then, speak your truth, convey it with confidence and in a concise manner.

Pause, breathe, remind, speak. 

There is so much freedom in letting go of expectations!

- S