Wellness Wednesday

Deepak Chopra quote.png

I stumbled upon this quote in an article I have had open in my Chrome browser for, oh, about 3 weeks now...and yet I hadn't even finished the article. I decided today, a moment ago, to finally read it, and I found this quote. It is exactly what I needed to hear.

Recently in one area of my life there has been a lot of change, something I typically struggle against (notice I don't say "with"). It's been unsettling at times, given several unknowns and shifts. We all know that things will improve, and that sometimes it can be hard to keep marching forward when questions linger, or even when fear creeps in. 

We must remember that sometimes in order for change to occur there will be instability.

Which, if you're human like me, can be terrifying. Unsettling. Annoying.

But change is necessary, it's inevitable, except from a vending machine, as the saying goes.

It's going to feel yucky for a little bit, but things will evolve and bloom with time. Change brings new life, new energy, an increase in positivity; it's vital to keep this in mind in a optimistic and realistic manner. Ensure that you keep up with your self-care and continue to engage in pleasurable activities. Remember to stay focused on your priorities, goals, and values. Be with loved ones as much as you can. Pull yourself out of the negativity cyclone as often as you can by reminding yourself of all of the above. And remember...

You will survive the chaos.

- S