Invoking a tone for 2017

Happy 2017, all! Can you believe it? 2016 was quite a year. 

This past New Year's Day, I attended a beautiful thought-energizing workshop at my local yoga studio with one of my most favorite teachers; we created a vision board, and before I go further, let me first say I have never been into creating vision boards. I dabbled in college, pinning interesting photos to four cork boards on my dorm and apartment walls, but that was it, it never became a hobby. This exercise, however, felt purposeful and tangible. I have career goals and personal goals, both of which I incorporated into the board; there are things that I want to keep practicing (e.g., health, yoga), and there are some new ideas/challenges I want to incorporate into my life (e.g., deepening my yoga practice). I keep the board in my bedroom in view of my bed, so that I can see it upon waking and before going to sleep. It's a strong visual reminder for me to stay true (my word of 2017!) to my goals and to remember: short term sacrifice, long term gain.

short-term sacrifice, long term gain (1).png

I know many people have come up with resolutions, intentions, plans, dreams, goals, yada yada for the new year, and I say to each their own. The important thing is to do what feels right for you, which may include doing absolutely nothing. 

Feeling overwhelmed about all of it? Here are some useful links to read:

If you choose to set a goal or intention for the year, take your time. Set aside some quiet time to think about what you want to accomplish this year, be it massive or small. When I have a huge idea in mind, it helps if I break it down into smaller steps, little nuggets I can slowly gather one-by-one to get to the whole/big picture. 

Wishing you a year in which you live a wholesome, healthy, prosperous life! Continue to be well.

- S