Wellness Wednesday

You may have noticed my silence on this blog for the past few months. It has been a bit harder lately to find inspiration, but I'm also finding that I have had more moments where I crave going inward, being quiet, avoiding too much stimulation. (I also came down with a cold Saturday, so that's forced some isolation, too)

I had so many emails piling up since the holidays and over the weeks have been weeding through emails. I found this article in particular to be thought-provoking, and I'm not one to be super into celebrities. I also found this article helpful, but be forewarned: it's political.

Given what I mentioned above, I've been trying to actively take steps back from social media and the news when I need to. This is not to say I am choosing to be blissfully unaware of what's going on, but it's quite the contrary: I'm still taking time to check up on my curated news feed on my phone, and I'm grateful to have a solid group of friends/women/peers who are like-minded and post relevant, informative, and empowering posts on social media. The difference is that I'm not overloading myself and inhaling every bit of information without breathing out fully.

going inward.png

On this Wellness Wednesday, I invite you to disengage for a bit from social media. Maybe you're overloaded about politics, or plain-old over seeing people put out their idyllic-albeit-faux take a break. I recently deleted Facebook from my phone and it's been quite freeing! Sure, I had FOMO the first day or two, and then I realized it was a fleeting, temporary emotion. There was life before Facebook, guys.

We've talked about this before, the aimless and mindless scrolling; now, let's stop with the overload of information. Let's make eye contact with people when we talk to them. Let's raise our heads and look at the world. Let's eat a meal or go to bed without our phone in our hand. Let's lay on the couch upside down to get a new perspective, like my cats do. Let's be ok with going inward and shielding ourselves for a little bit from the world; we need to take care of ourselves.

And honestly, there's nothing wrong with spending time with yourself - you are this one soul, one life in this one lifetime, better to enjoy it.

- S