Wellness Wednesday

The other night on the train ride home from work I noticed a man talking very loudly and inappropriately on his cell phone, basically breaking nearly every rule of good manners (shoving people to get on and off the train, holding the door open despite the doors closing, etc). My initial impulsive reaction was to passive aggressively send him dirty looks, but the weirdest thing happened: a teeny tiny voice inside of me whispered "balance it out." 

immediately felt my body physically soften, and I returned my focus onto me. I realized I had a choice: allow his behavior to sabotage my evening and make me feel crappy; or I could balance out his negativity. 


I committed myself to offering kindness on my walk home. 

I know, it sounds so hippie-dippy and you're probably reading this rolling your eyes, but listen! It's kind of amazing. I made the conscious decision to not allow someone else to dictate my feelings, and I made the conscious decision to put some balance out into the world by offering some positivity. 

If you're a yogi like me, you believe that all human beings are connected. My actions thoughts, behaviors, and actions affect other people, whether I am aware of it or not.

Being presented with any form of negativity is an opportunity to balance it out with positivity.

balance it out (1).png

I know!!! Right?! It's almost mind-blowing. When you shift your perspective, suddenly emotions seem much more fluid and fleeting. 

The next time you find yourself falling into the negativity trap, balance it out. Take a breath. Counteract that negativity with compassion and kindness toward others. Send that positivity out into the universe! (It's listening.)

- S