[CTZNWELL]ness Wednesday

There are 20 days until the presidential election. No, I'm not about to preach politics or my beliefs on this platform, but I haven't blogged in a while and I believed this post to be necessary.

I've been involved (loosely) with CTZNWELL, an amazing incredible support network (if I may call it that) which promotes mindfulness and taking action in feasible ways that don't jeopardize one's wellbeing. For the 2016 election they've put together some amazing resources for anyone and everyone, please check it all out here - it's incredible!

For some people, this election and voting in general feels daunting and overwhelming; the state of our country, the world, can seem hopeless. CTZNWELL reminds us to pause, to breathe, and to be mindful during an incredible stressful time. Kerri Kelly, the founder, stated tonight in a meditation that we're feeling "activated" by this election - very true, in all shapes ways and forms! Some of us may feel proud, excited, motivated, empowered, emboldened, fearful, helpless, hopeless, terrified, ready to move to Canada (mm poutine!)...Bottom line is that we are feeling a lot.

And that's all OK - whether we agree on a candidate or not isn't the point of this conversation. It's remembering we are all humans. We are all connected. We all have different opinions and beliefs and that's appropriate and beautiful and fine. We need to take of ourselves but also of one another, and we need to not turn away or shut down just because we may not feel that we know enough.

Show compassion to yourself and to others. Don't be afraid to speak up even if you think you don't have enough to say, or don't feel that you know enough. Invite others in on the conversation, and be respectful and kind to one another, even if you disagree. 

Remember to pause and breathe, especially during tonight's final debate. Let's be real, if you're human and watching it you're going to have some feelings. Instead of being sucked into a potentially catastrophic negative thought spiral, catch yourself, pause, and breathe. Notice what you feel in your body without labeling it, without judging it. Let yourself be present, but also after the debate, let yourself decompress. Talk with close friends or loved ones about how you're feeling, versus the content of what was said. Ask others how they feel. Hold space for one another. Take a warm bath. Eat some chocolate. Whatever works!

And again, remember to breathe; remember that it's ok to take space from the chaos.

Wishing you a mindful debate-watch and a mindful week...

- S