A new era...

I’m officially launching my website today, as well as offering a teaser trailer for MY NEW PODCAST!!
Holy moly. I have worked so hard to finally make this dream of mine a reality, and it actually feels as though I’m dreaming now that it’s coming into fruition.

I have a general sense of possible directions things might shift, but I’m also letting go of some of my expectations and control and legit trusting the process. I want to have fun with this and am flexible and open to any feedback and suggestions!!

Head over to “Podcast” to listen to a brief trailer for my upcoming podcast, and feel free to poke around the site. You’ll find a list of practitioners I love, resources for my favorite tea, and even some fun professional photos of yours truly!

I‘m excited to see where it, or rather the Universe, takes us!! Thanks for joining me on this epic new endeavor, this is only the beginning!!

- S