Wellness Wednesday

I've been thinking a lot lately about living authentically. As you all know oh-so-well, with yoga I've really started to dive deeper into my being and developed more of an understanding of who I am, what my needs are, my dislikes, my goals, and so on... I'll be taking another trip around the sun in about a month and therefore I've been reflecting more on my life. Facebook also forces me to do this on a daily basis, with those "memories" that pop up...I have so many thoughts on this but will refrain.

Turning another year older is a privilege; each year we learn from our experiences and cultivate more awareness about ourselves and the world around us. It's beautiful, but can also be heartbreaking, if we're gunna get real with it. 

I remember being 15 and thinking, this is the person I am and will be forever. I remember being 18 and thinking the same thing; I remember being 20 living in Paris thinking the same thing; I remember getting married at 27 and thinking the same thing. 

However, the reality is that we are ever-changing and not fixed. We are constantly molded by our experiences, whether they be day-to-day events or rock-you-senseless-to-your-core moments. Feelings and goals and passions and thoughts can change on a daily basis...

Thus, living authentically is living in the present moment. It's honoring your being, your soul, in each present moment, without judgment. It's allowing yourself (with respect to others) to be yourself. 

It cannot be influenced by others; I'm a romantic existentialist, and I believe we are inevitably alone - as they say, we are born alone and we die alone. Our experience is only our own, therefore our authentic selves can only be shaped by ourselves and our perceived experience, not by anyone or anything else. 

Make the time to take a moment to be present, to breathe deeply and engage your five senses and come into that sweet present moment.

Immerse yourself in_this is it,_without expectation or searching for meaning..png this moment is where you'll find your authentic self.

- S

Wellness Wednesday

You may have noticed my silence on this blog for the past few months. It has been a bit harder lately to find inspiration, but I'm also finding that I have had more moments where I crave going inward, being quiet, avoiding too much stimulation. (I also came down with a cold Saturday, so that's forced some isolation, too)

I had so many emails piling up since the holidays and over the weeks have been weeding through emails. I found this article in particular to be thought-provoking, and I'm not one to be super into celebrities. I also found this article helpful, but be forewarned: it's political.

Given what I mentioned above, I've been trying to actively take steps back from social media and the news when I need to. This is not to say I am choosing to be blissfully unaware of what's going on, but it's quite the contrary: I'm still taking time to check up on my curated news feed on my phone, and I'm grateful to have a solid group of friends/women/peers who are like-minded and post relevant, informative, and empowering posts on social media. The difference is that I'm not overloading myself and inhaling every bit of information without breathing out fully.

going inward.png

On this Wellness Wednesday, I invite you to disengage for a bit from social media. Maybe you're overloaded about politics, or plain-old over seeing people put out their idyllic-albeit-faux take a break. I recently deleted Facebook from my phone and it's been quite freeing! Sure, I had FOMO the first day or two, and then I realized it was a fleeting, temporary emotion. There was life before Facebook, guys.

We've talked about this before, the aimless and mindless scrolling; now, let's stop with the overload of information. Let's make eye contact with people when we talk to them. Let's raise our heads and look at the world. Let's eat a meal or go to bed without our phone in our hand. Let's lay on the couch upside down to get a new perspective, like my cats do. Let's be ok with going inward and shielding ourselves for a little bit from the world; we need to take care of ourselves.

And honestly, there's nothing wrong with spending time with yourself - you are this one soul, one life in this one lifetime, better to enjoy it.

- S

Wellness Wednesday

How are you?

I mean it, I'm genuinely asking. How are you feeling today, as you read this? Take a second or ten and check in with yourself.

Now, I want you to take a big deep breath in, really fill your belly. Exhale.

Wiggle your body around. Stand up for a moment, if you've been sitting. Shrug your shoulders up and back.

Blink. Seriously! Blink your eyes consciously.

Are you still breathing? Take another beautifully nourishing deep breath in and out.


Ever realize that all of the above happens without our conscious, full awareness? Well, yeah, probably not, since it happens without our actual awareness most of the time.

How do you feel now? How did it feel to check in with yourself and breathe and blink and move, doing things we take for granted and barely notice throughout our busy days?

I know, you're expecting more from this Wellness Wednesday go back and read this over again.

you may now scroll aimlessly.png

- S

Wellness Wednesday

Double-tap your originality.png

When was the last time you did something for you - not for the attention of your sig-o, friends, peers, colleagues; not to win over followers and gain likes on social media...but something for you?

Sometimes we get so caught up in the rewards we lose sight of the purpose, of the present.

I all-too-often find myself scrolling through my Instagram feed and, while I appreciate what I see (double-tap!), I also can't help but notice how things can seem so perfectly orchestrated and perfectly coiffed, how much people live behind the lens on their iPhone rather than seeing and experiencing everything with their own eyes. We want to capture the perfect moment, the most beautiful shot, and part of it because we want to share it with the world because we appreciate the moment. However...

...we derive so much meaning from the likes and views we receive.

I'm guilty of this for sure, and I often have my own internal struggle of doing things for me versus doing things for others (my husband always has to remind me, "remember you're doing this for you!"). It can be hard to maintain focus and do for you versus for others when you're trying to build a blog and social media presence, or even maintain relevance among your peers. So many times people follow others and become really unoriginal. When you copy others, you lose your originality and become vanilla - you lose what makes you you.

But you're actually awesome! No one is like you! You have so much to offer this world. No one thinks like you, no one perceives things the way you do. You are the only one who is you in this lifetime, and you're stuck with yourself - might as well be you to the fullest! Full throttle [insert your name here].

Do things for you. Create something that makes your soul breathe fully and feel energized. Talk honestly with people and using your own voice, your own beliefs and opinions - without fear of judgement. And on that, don't judge yourself or others. We're in no place to judge, period, especially since we're going to take on this mentality of appreciating originality! 

The next time you go to post something on social media, pause; put your phone away and take it in for a second. Remind yourself that this moment is fleeting, and this moment is precious, and seriously - it does not have to be shared with the whole world. Remember that this moment is for you. Take a breath - ahh, it's so nice to not constantly live for others!!

And fine, after that you can post whatever and hashtag the sh*t out of it.

- S