Prepare your favorite adaptogen-infused drink, get your diffuser loaded up with your favorite essential oils, and cozy up to me and some of my favorite people. We’ve got a lot to learn (self-actualization, people!) and I’m so excited to be on this informative journey with you!

Teaser for Season 1 of the Yogi Therapist Podcast

After years of pondering, wishing, hoping, hemming and hawing, The Yogi Therapist Podcast is finally coming to fruition. This is the official teaser for Season 1 of The Yogi Therapist Podcast!!

Oh, and NBD, also the launch of my website, too!!!

Hello, I’m Shelby Dwyer, your host and resident health geek. I’m a licensed mental health counselor and certified yoga teacher living in Boston, Massachusetts with my husband and our two cats. I’m passionate about all things health, psychology, and yoga, and strongly identify as an eternal student. As you’ll learn in this quick intro episode, I started this podcast to satiate my curiosity about the evolving wellness world, and because I really love hearing about other people’s experiences pursuing their interests.

From integrative medicine to yoga, we’ll get cozy and personal with some brilliant folks in the wellness world. We’ll learn realistic ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, all while being a real humxn IRL.

Stay tuned for Season 1, launching soon!! (As in, so soon…like, Monday February 4th…! AHH!)

- S