Prepare your favorite adaptogen-infused drink, get your diffuser loaded up with your favorite essential oils, and cozy up to me and some of my favorite people. We’ve got a lot to learn (self-actualization, people!) and I’m so excited to be on this informative journey with you!

Doctor of Chiropractic and Yoga Teacher Dr. Laura Latham, DC BS RYT on blending chiropractic care and yoga, meditation as food, and being co-captain with her patients

Well this is a TYTP first - I have the partner of a previous guest on the pod today! Dr. Laura Latham is married to episode 5’s guest Dr. Tim Latham! How cute is this?!! I know so many of you loved Tim’s episode, and you’re going to absolutely love Laura’s equally as much. They are both such compassionate, knowledgeable, and intentional providers, which comes across so clearly in each of their amazing interviews.

I so enjoyed sitting down and chatting with Laura about all of her passions, which include chiropractic care and yoga. She is brilliant, and balances those brains with being genuine and down-to-earth. I had the best time talking with her and we connected effortlessly. Ihighly recommend seeking her out for chiropractic or yoga support, she is a true gem of a doctor and a lovely woman!

*Skip to 5:04min mark to bypass the intro and get to the interview

In this episode we hear:

  • How she discovered her passion for chiropractic

  • How she chose to do a yoga teacher training

  • What appeals mot to her in a yoga practice

  • Her views on partnering with her patients rather than being seen as an authority figure

  • How she navigates religion and ethics, and how yoga became her religion

  • How meditation and yoga impacted her life

  • How meditation is like food (no really, she’s got a great analogy!)

  • How a chiropractor lives and moves in the world knowing so much about the body (people watching is on a whole other level with her!)

  • How her experience as a chiropractor informs her personal yoga practice, as well as how she’s contributing to my ‘yogalma matter’ NSYA

  • What you can expect in an appointment with her

  • How she handles clients who may be struggling with the work they’re doing together

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