Prepare your favorite adaptogen-infused drink, get your diffuser loaded up with your favorite essential oils, and cozy up to me and some of my favorite people. We’ve got a lot to learn (self-actualization, people!) and I’m so excited to be on this informative journey with you!

Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional Bron Volney on strengthening community, effective personal training, and finding the motivation to exercise

Bron Volney is one of the nicest people I have ever met - he’s a genuine, energetic soul who happens to also be easy on the eyes and can help you become your best physical self. He is a personal trainer and the owner of BronCore Fitness, specializing in an amazing, creative, and challenging workouts designed by Bron himself.

My husband and I have known Bron for years, and one of my favorite moments from my wedding was doing squats (in my wedding dress) with Bron on the dance floor. Such a priceless memory!

Bron is an incredible unique and talented trainer who has helped my husband and I achieve our fitness goals over the years. He completely removes the intimidation factor from working out, and offers his clients intentional and challenging programs to help them achieve their pinnacle of physical health. He’s also so passionate about building community and does so with BCF and his BronCore Bootcamps that happen indoors and outdoors all over the city.

Check out his bootcamps and set up some training sessions with him - you’ll be sore AF but wow, will you look and feel amazing!!

*Skip to 4:40 to bypass the intro and get to the interview

In this episode we hear:

  • about Bron’s original career plan

  • how he decided to create his own business BronCore Fitness

  • how he strays from the norm in a creative and efficient way to best support his clients

  • how BronCore Bootcamps has evolved and continues to grow and expand

  • how Bron continues to churn out creative workouts

  • all about Bron’s immense undying love for the Florida Gators (who, I’m sad to say, lost in the NCAA the night we recorded this episode - I blame Bron.)

  • the importance of community when maintaining fitness

  • how to work with challenging clients and keep folks committed and engaged to their fitness goals

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