Prepare your favorite adaptogen-infused drink, get your diffuser loaded up with your favorite essential oils, and cozy up to me and some of my favorite people. We’ve got a lot to learn (self-actualization, people!) and I’m so excited to be on this informative journey with you!

Personal Trainer and Fitness Professional Bron Volney on strengthening community, effective personal training, and finding the motivation to exercise

Bron Volney is one of the nicest people I have ever met - he’s a genuine, energetic soul who happens to also be easy on the eyes and can help you become your best physical self. He is a personal trainer and the owner of BronCore Fitness, specializing in an amazing, creative, and challenging workouts designed by Bron himself.

My husband and I have known Bron for years, and one of my favorite moments from my wedding was doing squats (in my wedding dress) with Bron on the dance floor. Such a priceless memory!

Bron is an incredible unique and talented trainer who has helped my husband and I achieve our fitness goals over the years. He completely removes the intimidation factor from working out, and offers his clients intentional and challenging programs to help them achieve their pinnacle of physical health. He’s also so passionate about building community and does so with BCF and his BronCore Bootcamps that happen indoors and outdoors all over the city.

Check out his bootcamps and set up some training sessions with him - you’ll be sore AF but wow, will you look and feel amazing!!

*Skip to 4:40 to bypass the intro and get to the interview

In this episode we hear:

  • about Bron’s original career plan

  • how he decided to create his own business BronCore Fitness

  • how he strays from the norm in a creative and efficient way to best support his clients

  • how BronCore Bootcamps has evolved and continues to grow and expand

  • how Bron continues to churn out creative workouts

  • all about Bron’s immense undying love for the Florida Gators (who, I’m sad to say, lost in the NCAA the night we recorded this episode - I blame Bron.)

  • the importance of community when maintaining fitness

  • how to work with challenging clients and keep folks committed and engaged to their fitness goals

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Registered Nurse, Yoga Teacher, & Ayurvedic Health Counselor Lauren Massalas, RN on Ayurveda & modern medicine, holistic health, & living in harmony with nature & the seasons

Lauren Massalas doesn’t know this, but she has a really special place in my heart as she was the catalyst for my applying for YTT with NSYA at Coolidge Yoga back in 2017. We met at an event at YogaWorks and exchanged info so I could pick her brain about NSYA…and the rest is herstory!!

Lauren is definitely a super cool and incredibly talented chick. She is a PACU nurse, a yoga teacher, and an Ayurvedic Health Counselor based in Boston, MA. She has a magical way of making Ayurveda, a 5000+ year old medical science, seem completely seamlessly accessible to integrate into a modern lifestyle. As a health practitioner and yoga teacher, she is influenced by western anatomy and physiology, yogic philosophy, and Ayurvedic wisdom, a unique mash-up that allows Lauren to stand out from the crowd in every aspect of her career.

*Skip to 3:19 to bypass the intro and get to the interview

In this episode we hear:

  • about Ayurveda and what it is, for those outside of the yoga-sphere

  • how Lauren took a winding path to Ayurveda

  • what to expect from a session with Lauren as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, and she shares a brief case study

  • how Ayurveda and western medicine can work together

  • how to avoid dampening your digestive fire and how that fire is “supreme in the long game of longevity”

  • about the importance of a morning routine, how to start one, and why you should stop drinking cold water

  • how to incorporate Ayurvedic health tips into your daily life

  • how Ayurveda helps individuals fully live in their body

  • the importance of the body’s elimination process

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Coolidge Yoga
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Maker, Food and Wellness Writer, & Creative Business Coach Maggie Battista

I’m very grateful that Maggie Battista was able to find time to chat with me one Friday afternoon earlier this month, literally days before her 2nd cookbook launch. As you’ll hear in the episode, I fangirled a bit - she is truly an inspirational woman to me. Maggie has a lovely way of balancing being assertive, grounded, relatable, and kind - she’s truly a warm soul and offers so much to those with whom she works. I met Maggie about four years ago after recipe testing for her first cookbook, Food Gift Love (I still swear by her banana bread recipe!), and we’ve kept in touch sporadically via email over the years. I especially love following her posts on Instagram as she keeps things real and shares intentionally, in an authentic way. Plus, the food pics - YUM!

Maggie is a wellness and food writer, cookbook author, creative business coach, shopgirl, and professional women’s empowerist (that should be a word!) based in Massachusetts. She’s authored two fabulous cookbooks, one for which I had the honor to recipe test, and another which was just released on February 5th, A New Way To Food. She’s a Jill of all trades balancing writing, hosting gatherings, empowering women in the creative field, and building brick-and-mortars (stay tuned for her permanent Eat Boutique store that will be in Boston!)

In this episode we hear:

  • about Maggie’s brand new “self-help cookbook hybrid,” A New Way to Food: Recipes That Revamped My Pantry & Made Me Love Me, At Last

  • about how Maggie learned how to love and appreciate herself and her body

  • how Maggie builds and promotes community

  • useful life and business tips for entrepreneurs

  • what it’s like being a woman in the food and business world

  • about Maggie’s creative business coaching

  • how yoga influences Maggie’s wellbeing

  • how Maggie reframes her thoughts to embody that she is worthy of self-love and good health

Mentioned in this episode (aka, the “shotes”):

Maggie’s brand new cookbook A New Way To Food
Eat Boutique
Maggie’s creative business coaching services
The Fresh Collective
Playing Big by Tara Mohr
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