Prepare your favorite adaptogen-infused drink, get your diffuser loaded up with your favorite essential oils, and cozy up to me and some of my favorite people. We’ve got a lot to learn (self-actualization, people!) and I’m so excited to be on this informative journey with you!

Social worker, yoga teacher, and owner of Soulflower Experiences on empowering Black womxn, breaking through stigmas and privledge, owning selfishness, and the wisdom of mindfulness and yoga

Big thanks again to Stacey Mulvey, my guest on episode 14, who connected me with the beautiful Jalisa Williams, today’s pod guest.

We covered a wide range of topics, from exploring using more inclusive language to her mission to promote inclusivity within meditation/mindfulness/yoga, to her experiences as a social worker. She’s so clearly passionate about making yoga, wellness, and mindfulness more accessible to people who may have a stigma associated with it or those who have never felt welcome within those realms.

I know you’ll love this episode, Jalisa is truly an incredible force bringing major growth and expansion to her community out in Colorado. I definitely think this episode will offer you a lot to chew on and ponder, and hopefully help you begin to think more creatively about making wellness practices more accessible to more people.

*Skip to 4:02min mark to bypass the intro and get to the interview

In this episode we hear:

  • We discuss her impactful work in her private practice career

  • Her thoughts on the term “person of color/POC”

  • How she uses mindfulness and meditation in her therapy practice

  • Her thoughts on dismantling racism and stereotypes

  • All about Black Girl Magic

  • About discovering sacred spaces specifically for Black individuals

  • Her passion for bringing yoga and holistic practices to more people

  • Reducing stigmas around wellness and self-care within the Black community

  • How yoga is for everyone and every body

  • Owning “selfishness” in a positive way

  • All about her beautiful offering “Flowetry” and her mission with Soulflower Experiences

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Urban Sanctuary
Feminista Jones
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